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The Power of Written Content in Content Marketing

How do you make sure that you’re marketing your brand or business in the most effective way? One of the effective ways is to update your marketing strategy based on the current market trends. But then, to remain relevant and to keep your business on pace, and more importantly, to be efficient and effective, you must adopt  “Content Marketing”.

Have you ever given a thought about “Content Marketing” in your business? If you’re not aware of the role and importance of the “content”, then this is the right place to know about it. This blog serves as a guide on why content marketing is important in the emerging digital era. 

What is Content Marketing?
Heard about the phrase “Content is the King”? Though content marketing is one of the marketing techniques that help your brand to set apart from its competitors, it has now become mandatory for any business in the modern era. 

Content Marketing is the heart of the most successful digital marketing campaigns. It is a marketing strategy that revolves around the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract and retain the target audience.

Behind every successful brand is a wealth of valuable, creative, and relevant content that really connects well with the target audience. But then, you may still wonder what content marketing is all about and why is it so important for your business?

To put it simple, Content Marketing is a method of creating quality content and sharing the same with a larger crowd of audience. This strategy creates better brand promotion and helps in establishing a firm base for your business. 

One of the very crucial domain in Content Marketing is Content Writing. And this blog is going to show a limelight on how a written content greatly impacts your business. 

A Good Written Content Wins Prospects and Clients
Good content is what sets your brand apart from the masses and creates a greater impact with the audience. Also, it helps in delivering the right message into the hearts and minds of your audience. Generally, the success of your website is determined primarily by its contents – means contents play a prominent role in the success of your business. Following are some of the facts that state the importance of “Content” in marketing your brand:

  • Builds trust with your customers/visitors
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Great for organic search
  • Generates more leads for your business
  • Attracts ideal buyers
  • Converts more website visitors into leads
  • Give people a valid reason to come back to your website
  • Builds brand authority

The list goes on and on; but honestly, one prominent reason to use content marketing for your business is “it works!”. It is one of the ideal ways to build brand awareness and drive more inbound leads. 

Why Content is So Important for Your Website?
There is no doubt that the content of your website is crucial for attracting potential customers. The reach and success of your website are determined by the content it wombs.

Still unsure about the impact of quality website content that backs your brand?  Then let’s recollect and name a brand which has an embossed tag. And that’s “Red Bull”. 

Red Bull Gives You Wings!” – means that, this energy drink gives consumers so much energy that they can even fly. An appealing tagline like this goes well with its consumers and the campaign was an inundated hit. 

As a thumb rule, a good content always has a greater shelf life in audience mind. 

Content and SEO are Two Sides of the Same Coin
Most of us would have heard about the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To make it simple, SEO is an array of techniques that help to make your website visible to your potential audience on search engine results.  

Your website content should be useful to your audience. Content that is promising and engaging with the audience will always score high here. “Build content for the user and not for the search engines”. Big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing encourage quality content and frequent updates. 

To make this simple, we can take a real-time example – Toshiba, a brand that excelled and succeeded in content marketing. In 2011, Toshiba created a “smart community” to create awareness about the renewable energy solutions. It optimized the digital platform for the keyword “smart community” and they invested in a massive SEO campaign to boost their search engine rankings. 

Without a great content, you can never get a good search engine ranking. With limited resources, even small businesses can benefit the most by adopting content marketing strategy. 

Content in Social Media Platforms 
Social Media Platforms can be the ideal place to promote your content and drive traffic to your website. To get the most out of your content, you must be knowing how to harness the power of social media sites. For best results, your content must be unique and creative, and should be distributed, promoted, and shared through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and so on. 

With the evolution of social media platforms, several brands started conducting their ad campaigns to promote and establish their brand. One of the famous mobile phone brands, iPhone, known for its cameras and technical features, conducted their ad campaign on Instagram with the hashtag “#ShotOniPhone”. Apple wanted to show how easily its users were able to shoot great photos on iPhones. The main aim of this campaign was to increase user-engagement and empower its customers for brand marketing. As a result of this, users started posting their photos on Instagram and showed them off with the famous hashtag. 

When all the competitors made a point to feature better cameras, Apple went a step ahead of its rivals. They succeeded in this campaign and now, #ShotOniPhone is one of the standard hashtags on Instagram. 

To really take things over the top, one must get user-generated content to make your point and succeed in it. #ShotOniPhone worked wonders for the brand as well as in social media.

A Written Content Always Matters – This Includes Offline Too!

Content in the form of ad copies, taglines, testimonials has been part of offline platforms like magazines, newspapers, billboards, banners, fliers, and much more. Although online content marketing strategy has garnered so much importance these days, it can be complemented by suitable offline content marketing strategies. In a world where almost, every brand and business organization are depending on the online content marketing strategy, offline content marketing can give your brand a competitive edge over others.

Got Milk?”, an American advertising campaign encouraging the consumption of milk is the ideal example of offline content marketing strategy. Created in 1993, this ad campaign was successful and lasted for more than 20 years. Their message was “always have milk around”. 

The greatest taglines are not only simple, but it conveys a strong message to the consumers. Before launching an ad campaign, one must be sure to have a clearly defined result and must design the campaign to achieve that single goal. 

By now, you would have got an idea about the “Content Power”. A good written content, in the form of taglines, blogs, ad copies, creates a great impact and helps a brand grow in the longer run. Well, people are constantly looking for new information, and articles that give solutions to customers’ problems are incredibly valuable.

Not only do people respond well to a good content, but also it helps to establish your business by sharing the same. 

To summarize, a good content is all about value creation in the digital ecosystem