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Visual Graphic Content – The Smartest Tool in Digital Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for most of the business organizations is to grab the attention of the target audience within the stipulated time.  “Visuals” in the form of brochure, infographic, image, or rate card is a great tool for striking the right cord. 

Undoubtedly, the role of visual graphics in digital marketing plays a key role on Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Engagement with Clients, and a lot more… But then, what kind of an impact does a visual graphic content create?

The ability to create images that we see or imagine is one of the major defining aspects of humans. It is an indisputable fact that we humans are basically “visual creatures”. Human brain could recognize visual objects easily than a block of text message.

“Do you know? Human brain recognizes familiar object within 100 milliseconds & familiar faces within 380 milliseconds”

Now, you will be able to guess the reason, as to why organizations use visual graphic content for their marketing. 

What is Visual Content?

The visual content comprises of infographics, videos, social media posters, memes, etc. Online content that is visual in nature is referred to as visual content. A recent study states that visual content is one among the most efficient and effective ways of communicating a message – be it simple or complex. 

Visual content marketing is one of the trendiest ways to seek the attention of your target audience. More visual graphics content on your website would quickly grab user attention.  Why? The appetite of human is meant to be like that. We consume images than a group of texts, right?

A brand gets good attention for its text messages in the short run, but in the long run, your visual content abridges a strong emotion between you and your clients.

Let’s move to what makes visual graphic content so essential for your marketing campaign? 

A strong Digital Marketing has always had the right mix of visuals as well as texts.  Obviously, the key purpose of visual graphics content is to create visual cues that complement the message you’re trying to present to your audience. Following are the key reasons that highlight the idea behind implementing visual graphics as a part of your digital marketing campaign:
  • Makes complex concepts look simple through infographics
  • Decreases information overloads in the web
  • Mostly, people don’t want to spend time reading long posts 
  • More the visual content, better the understanding and engagement
  • Eliminates language barriers at times
Visual contents not only create Brand Awareness but also enhance your content marketing strategy that is built around your brand.

Did you know that Creative Designs create a massive hit online? Here are some facts: 
  • Visual graphics content makes up 93% of the human communication
  • Visual posts or content that goes viral drives tons of inbound links
“85% of the Internet users in the US watch online video on a daily basis”

There are about 25 million smartphone users around the world, out of which 26% of the smartphone users watch at least one video a day. The impact of visual content has gone drastically high that business owners have even started using visual content in the form of videos for marketing. 

A smart video about your business model addressing client’s pain-point resonates well with your target audience. Generating high-quality visual content soars the reputation and awareness of your brand clearly; the shelve life of videos are greater than images. 

Have you ever wondered how visual graphics could impact your overall digital marketing strategy? If not, let’s proceed further.

Creates Great Impact on Digital Marketers

With the widespread internet access, business organizations rely on social media to create engagement with its customer on real time. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram serve as a great feedback medium with existing as well as prospective clients. 

The internet has been oversaturated with a plenty of content. So how does your marketing content have a chance to stand out in the market?

Start working on relevant videos, images, and infographics. When a complex data is simplified into a an infographic, you already win the game among your target audience. Including fascinating and informative images in your business, would always ensure an optimal reach of your brand. 

Drives More Traffic to Your Website

Perfectly well-designed graphics like homepage banners and call-to-action buttons elevate your website to a great extent. This, in turn, drives more traffic back to your website by the same user apart from the new users.

Visual content like testimonials, infographics, blogs drives more traffic to your website. What is better than knowing that people are reading your web page content? Seeing that they have shared your content with their friends. 

Did you know? Visual graphics content on your social media page is 40 times more likely to be shared than any other form of content. In addition to this, tweets and posts with images receive 150% more retweets and sharing than those posts without it. This means, using visual graphics as a part of your post could position the content in front of more ideal customers. 

Generates More Social Engagement

Graphics content that is used in social media evoke the emotional reactions in viewers and delineate information more effectively. Brands should know how to engage their audience and for that they must use inventive and effective methods. 

To stay intact with your audience, let the content be relevant, interesting, brief, and obviously client-focused. The visual content you post on social media platforms is just a reflection of your brand and the stories around it. 

Always remember, users are more likely to engage and interact with your brand when you humanize it. 

A brand nurtures and grows only when it is around a right content marketing strategy. This can be leveraged only through Graphics!!

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