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SEM to Boost Visibility and Gain Business Traction:

The case study looks at how top of the charts (usage to be clarified) business visibility was achieved with simple yet high impact SEM strategies. The SEM campaign for PPC was devised in parallel to the organic search plans. This right mix, managed to significantly improve the visibility for the appropriate search queries used by students and parents to find out about higher education courses in the US. It also helped to drive good quality traffic and a higher volume of paid search traffic to the website to meet its stated business purpose.

The client

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher education students
  • Provides on-demand and live online training for exam prep

The problem:

The client had a specific issue of not being able to drive good quality website traffic to their site. As a result, the number of students who discovered the site were low, and many were being enrolled at competitive institutions. The lower search engine rankings meant that students were increasingly preferring to go with the competition they found on the first page of search engine results, rather than with the client. Even though the client had an impeccable record in this higher education preparation and assistance domain, it couldn’t get the required number of enrolment from the online medium.

To prevent the disappointment about low volume of students coming in from the online medium, they decided to augment their existing marketing plans. They wanted to apply a blended approach of SEO (to grow traffic organically over time) and search engine marketing (to give a visibility thrust to the business at a strategic time).

With this approach, however, they wanted a maximum bang for their buck. The complex process of bidding for the right keywords and keeping a track of the ad-spend meant that they had to bring on-board a strategic marketing partner who could enable growth at the most optimal price point for the client.

The solution construct:

iNoryaSoft was tasked with improving the conversion rate of the brand through search engine ads. Our in-depth experience in providing end-to-end internet marketing solutions proved to be a decisive factor in winning this account. We had been doing the organic search optimization programme too for this client.

We set up a tactical plan in place to bid for placement on multiple search engines. We worked with three main PPC engines i.e., Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter.

We started off by getting to know the client better. We also did a meticulous research on what was the apt segment of potential customers that were had the intent to go for the client’s business. Once this was done, we moved on to developing a list of keywords we would need to bid on for PPC. These keywords aligned very closely to what the higher education students were querying on the search engines to know more about various aspects on higher education exam prep – a core area of expertise for the client.

Post identifying the keywords targeted, we then paired it with the right kind of ads and submitted cost effective yet competitive bids for the keywords. To ensure better chances of securing top slots in the search engine PPC ad section, we created targeted landing pages with relevant keywords to drive up the Click Through Rates (CTR).

We made sure that the keywords were delivering expected outcomes without burning a hole in the pocket through high ad spends. We also refined the landing pages so that a more personalized experience would be delivered at this stage rather than sending the entire traffic to just a single landing page.

The benefit:

  • The client can avail triple benefits of improved click-through rates, better quality scores, and lower Cost Per Action (CPA) for every ad shown and clicked on.
  • This meant that almost every click made was of value to the client, and hence made a complete sense for the cost incurred for a click.
  • The persuasive content on the landing page ensured that we were able to communicate the client’s strong points well to captivate student attention and bring him/her one more step closer to a successful enrolment with the client institution.
  • Since a lot of effort was put in to ensure no wastage of bid amount, we were able to keep the costs of the click low, while ensuring that only those who are more likely to convert would click the PPC ad and be directed to the appropriate landing page. This delivered incredible RoI to the client business.

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