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Process automation to boost students’ experience and enhance business value:

The case study looks at the various challenges around streamlined students’ intake process. It covers problems with student communication, credit card processing, and how technology was utilized to overcome these barriers to deliver an enhanced student experience. We also touch upon the need to keep the classroom well-equipped so that the learning process isn’t impacted negatively.

The client:

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher education students & professionals
  • Carries out live classes and on-demand courses

The problem:

The three key challenges of managing student enrolment through manual process are:

  • Student Communication: Communicating accurate information on the upcoming classes, and updating the schedule, examination, and assessment became a problem. This was because the communication needed to be distinct and tailored to send the right mail and content to the right group of students at the right time.
  • Classroom audit issues: There was lack of audit to check for the preparedness of a classroom for any particular lecture at any given point in time. When this happened, instructors get in touch with the technical support team to get the issue resolved. With continuous batches, the issues exacerbated and led to a decline in the student experience when they entered the room for a session. Additionally, it placed undue load on the support staff to get the issue resolved in no time.
  • Credit card processing problems: As per the federal mandates, processing of credit card cannot happen more than 20 days prior to the commencement of classes. However, the actual registration happens many weeks ahead of the commencement (sometimes as early as 3–5 months before the class’s start date). This gap led to an issue of aligning separate resources to process the credit card at a later date.
    This led to its own set of challenges with incorrect processing due to
    • Lack of funds
    • Incorrect details provided at the time of registration, or
    • Card expired at the time of processing

The solution construct:

With iNoryaSoft’s expertise in developing custom technology solutions, they were contacted to remove these barriers to enable an overall incredible student experience.

The solution’s key features:

With the automation solution, the client succeeded in eliminating the overheads associated with a bulky and cumbersome student communication process. It also took care of timely credit card processing and informing the student in case a card payment was declined.

iNoryaSoft also built a continuous audit system, to help ensure that a classroom location is properly equipped before the lecture or assessment begins. It worked at two levels –

  • Self-rectification = The system itself can assess the issue, rectify it, and mark the issue as ‘solved’
  • Support-based resolution = The system can alert the support personnel to rectify the issue

The benefit:

  • Fully automated and personalized student communication system

    The administration needed to draft a mail message and save it on the system. The solution automatically clubs the students under various groups based on variables like the subject chosen, batch, instructor, exam date, and batch start/end date. The mail is personalized to each and every student at a granular level (this includes the salutation, introduction, and end of mail). This led to a more customized look and feel that didn’t have the monotony of an automated message.
  • Precision-based credit card processing

    The system captured the correct applicable credit card processing date based on the registration and batch’s start dates. There was no need to align a separate set of staff for this task, and hence drove cost efficiency in the right direction. In case of card processing issues, an alert is sent out to students. When the issue is solved, the processing part can commence again, and successful transactions are notified to the students. The powerful algorithm behind the product ensures that multiple card processing doesn’t happen, and the correct amount is deducted.
  • The proactive approach to audit classroom readiness delivered advantages at several levels
    • All equipment, resources, notes, and materials were placed well before the start time
    • Students entering the class need not waste time because of misplaced, incomplete, or improper equipment or resources
    • With the proactive approach, the burden on support team too came down substantially

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