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Transition from classroom to online-based learning for enhanced academic traction:

The case study explores how technology can be leveraged to impact a superior quality of education and learning. It reviews the problems with traditional classroom approach and evaluates how online learning made it a success for students as well as the academic institutions.

The client:

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher education students
  • Used to provide only regular classroom-based training

The problem:

The classroom-based approach of dispensing education opened two key challenges:

  • Scheduling a batch became tricky when insufficient number of students enrolled for a batch in a particular geographic location. During such case, the batch had to be cancelled or postponed until sufficient number of students sign up for the training class. As a result, the students who already enrolled for the class faced delays, which at times resulted in total batch dissolution.
  • Students had to travel quite a distance to reach the classroom venue. It not only consumed more of their time and effort, but also showed a high possibility of missing the classes. Most of the students were having a day job, and hence there was a likelihood that they would be missing one or two sessions due to prior work commitments. The drop-in continuity and lack of proper flow led to a poor student experience with the classroom model.

The solution construct:

iNoryaSoft was mandated with the task of seamlessly transitioning from a classroom training model to a live online model and eventually to a more efficient on-demand online course. The solution we delivered added tremendous traction to the overall batch intake volume, thanks to an automated on-demand model of delivering the classes without the need to wait to reach a particular number of enrolments before the batch could commence.

The solution’s key features

The client was able to drive a stellar education experience by moving from a traditional yet problematic classroom approach to a fully online on-demand approach. The below features opened a world of convenience to the students and to the administrators.

  • The on-demand online courses encouraged self-paced learning
  • Batch scheduling as per students’ availability ceased to be a thing of the past
  • Students could learn at their convenience from anywhere and at any time with an internet connection

The benefit

  • With the new on-demand online courses, timing was no longer a barrier to avail good education. A student can get instant access to the sessions based on his/her availability and convenience. This shot up the user experience derived from the batch and the intuitive learning approaches.
  • The pacing for the session could be adapted to the student’s convenience. He/she need not be left behind for having missed or not understood a chapter or session. The student can replay the video until he/she understands the what is being taught.
  • If students have any query in the live online classes, they can easily reach out to the instructors and subject faculty to get their queries clarified and resolved.
  • Students need not commute to a physical location to attend the live online or on-demand course. They can now access the class online at their free time without stepping out to travel to the destination.
  • Online registration for the classes became simpler and streamlined, thereby eliminating errors and improving productivity
  • For live online and on-demand courses, the institute no longer needed to take huge effort in building a batch. Since geography is no longer a barrier, filling up students has become easy. As an outcome, students’ enrolment cancellations too came down dramatically. This, in turn, boosted the overall educational experience derived by the students.
  • Because cancellations came down drastically, the institute started experiencing a revenue boost aided by a much higher number of successful enrolments.

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