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Tracking PDH Made Effective and Simplified:

Professional Development Hours (PDH) is a core component of most of the higher education systems in the US (e.g. Engineering or Medical). One PDH equates to one hour of study, instruction, or presentation. These are accumulated in diverse ways such as completing online courses, attending seminars or training programs, completing workshops or management courses to improve one’s profession1

To maintain the continuity and validity of the certifications and licensing, every professional needs to earn PDH credits in a prescribed amount of time.

The case study looks at what were the challenges in tracking PDH hours by a higher education student and how this was streamlined into a digital and efficient process.

The client:

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher studies in the US

The problem:

For professional certificates and licenses like PMP and PE, the students must showcase their ability to be up-to-date with the current trends and be assessed as job-ready by earning PDH credits through activities mentioned above. The challenge for the student was to keep every single piece of proof (that counts as a PDH) in one place so that it could be presented as a proof to the licensing board for renewal purposes.

When a certification for an 8-hour seminar was lost, he/she would face a deficit of these 8 hours and would run into the problem of license not being renewed by the licensing board.

It is more likely that organizing, maintaining, and submitting PDH proof will be a challenge. There was no tool to keep a track of how much PDH is accumulated and how much is the deficit. Additionally, there was no way to generate a report from diverse sources and then present it to the licensing board about all the PDH earned.

The solution construct:

iNoryaSoft was tasked with a way to have all the proofs of PDH digitized and kept at one place for quick and easy access. Our mobile-friendly technology application ensured that the PDH proofs from different organizations and in different formats were kept in one place for timely submission to the board, to extend the validity of the license certification.

We also built a database and integrated it with the PDH tracking tool. This helped identify the right channels to make up for deficit PDH for a student based on his/her stream and certification.

The benefit:

  • With the PDH tracing tool, students are no longer needed to scramble to collect PDH points to present to the board in a timely manner. Instead they are strategically advised on which avenues are available exclusively for them to meet the deficit in credits than taking poor decisions in the last minute.
  • The tracking tool can be used by a wide section of students (including engineering, healthcare, surveyors, and managers).
  • Alerts will notify students about the upcoming renewal and pending PDH credits
  • The tool is a responsive web application. This ensures total compatibility across devices like laptops, desktops, iPads, and smartphones.
  • The PDH tracking tool enables students to scan the certifications right at the moment they receive the same. This led to two benefits:
    • There was no issue related to losing the hard copy
    • Because of the quick scan facility, records would be maintained in a digital format

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