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Test Paper Creation Streamlined for Best Results:

The case study looks at how the test paper creation effort was moved from a manual process to an automated one with substantial yields in the form of timely test paper creation with a very high degree of accuracy and relevance.

The client:

  • Offers courses and conducts training classes for higher studies in the US
  • Provides test papers to bolster the prep efforts of students

The problem:

The manual process of creating test papers was more dependent on the availability of Subject Matter Experts and access to appropriate resources to build the questions. If we look at multiple subjects, multiple batches, and multiple class levels, then the complexity shot up to an unmanageable level.

As a result, there were delays in getting the test papers ready. Since time-is-of-the-essence for a student preparing for a competitive higher education exam, it was vital that this process needed to remove the dependency and move from a manual effort to an automated process. This was the only way the test paper creation could meet its goal of assisting student prep.

The solution construct:

iNoryaSoft worked with the client to assess if building questions can be done at the time of conducting the classes rather than taking separate time out for this work. We came up with a software application that allowed teachers to feed in their questions during the class itself. So, if there are 3 instructors for USMLE Step 1, they will feed in questions into the software and this will build the USMLE Step 1 test paper.

To categorize it properly, the instructors can add subjects, add topics to subjects and questions within topics. This way, a ready-made list of questions will be available to be shared with students based on their degree (e.g. USMLE), class level (e.g. step 1), subject (e.g. anatomy), and topic (e.g. brain). A further level of categorization helps the instructors tag a complexity level to each question (on a scale of 1 to 10).

The system can use different types of questions and assessment models – Multiple Choice Questions, True or False, Fill in the Blanks, Open Book Test, or Closed Book Test.

The benefit:

  • With the on-going question addition and appropriate categorization, building a test paper became quicker and efficient.
  • An instructor need not be specifically available to build the questions. He/she can do this while conducting the class itself.
  • Now that the Q&A database is all set, the user will only have to key in the details of course, subject, complexity, and topic. After which, the system builds test papers for the students’ prep purpose.
  • The system can generate 2 types of tests
    • Practice tests
      It will randomly pick questions for each student around a certain topic
    • Assessment tests
      It will enable a more holistic evaluation. The questions picked will be across the depth and breadth of the subject. The same questions will be provided to all students for comparative grading

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