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At iNoryaSoft, we provide opportunity to learn and grow with us. People-First culture imbibed in our roots makes our employees satisfied. Our success journey resonates with our employees’ career graph. We have employees who have built their career profoundly by staying and growing along with us for many years.

People-first culture has helped us achieve significant improvement in employee performance, retain talent, improve team engagement, and create teams that reach the established goals easily. Employees have a “this-company-is-theirs attitude”. Employees love to work till their retirement here. Our ex-employees have re-joined to continue building their career with us. Our leadership team has adopted and is promoting this People-First culture.

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Leadership Team

Vinoth Dega Former CEO, Currently our Honorary Advisor
Chris Lam
Chris Lam CEO
Ravi P
Ravi Parthasarathy COO